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Our group was developped to unify people who have any hair-related fetish. It can be long hair fetish, haircut fetish, ponytails, pigtails, braids feits or even a headshave or buzzcut fetish. All things related with hair are fine!


1. Don't cuss people out. Be respectful.
2. If you don't like something, don't comment on it unless it's to mention something they could do better.
3. If there's a category you want to be added, just consult the Founder or the Co-Founder (draconan95 or Nidrax)
4. Have fun - it's why this group is here.


Perhaps because it was unnapropiate (very strong adult content / not showing what it supposed to) or its qualitty was very low to consider it. Also highly overexposed photos won't be accepted.
Alright, now that I'm back from vacation and have posted my"ordeal" XD, it's time to get back to my original teaser idea that's gotten a lot of feedback, mostly positive with some tweaks here and there. While I'll work in the tweaks, I need to contestants to participate in the games, six to be precise. I have three already - one that I will create specifically for this storyline, Kami, original OC courtesy of Deadmaster1317, and Dr. Carolyn Conway from Ultimateportalmaster. So to get this idea off the ground, I need three more characters, whether already established OCs or OCs created for this storyline - it's your call.

First: Morgan (New OC) - Xavieroctavious
Second: Kami - Deadmaster1317
Third: Dr. Carolyn Conway 'Honeybun' - Ultimateportalmaster
Fourth: Eva - Scissorman182

Prior to the "mane" event, each character will have a collaborative story leading into the event that details how they end up in the games. This will give me time to dive into the characters personality to some before integrating them into the melee.

Post your comments below if you'd like to see your OC or would like to create one for this event. It's a first come first serve basis, so post quickly if you're interested. And remember, your character can play nice with others, or can betray everyone else for self preservation. If you have a character in mind, post a comment below or message me. No spoilers as to which direction they might take though. ;D
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Saya-Megumareta Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thanks for adding me to your gallery
HePhoto Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer

thanks for this request :)…
Hazard--Kitty Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Professional Artist
Hi! Thanks for featuring my modelling :D
Nidrax Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! No problem. It's an honor to us to have the pics of your beautful hair and body in our gallery ;)
worshiparagon Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  New Deviant Professional Filmographer
Hi group,
I've made a bunch of long hair short films and would love suggestions for more.
shunokii Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi please stop asking for my DA selfies to go into this group, I do not want to be associated with a fetish.
draconan95 Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
My apologies, however I personally can't do anything on my end to prevent people who haven't read your comment from requesting. I have a busy life so I leave the finding of pictures and such to the members. However on the request form there should be a name attached to it. If you can provide me with that in a note I will personally tell them to stop. Short of that there is very little the administrators of the group and myself can do.

On another note, while it is your choice many people use this group simply as a means of self promotion. I know of at least one content creator affiliated with the group who has pointed out several times they have nothing to do with the fetish aspect. Instead they use it as a way to draw more watchers and they are currently doing a campaign to raise money for cancer awareness. I just wanted to let you know there are more than just fetish things at play here. The name is simply so a group of people can gather and not feel so alone in the world because a lot of people frown on hair fetishes. I like to think of it as a sort of club or odd cafe.
shunokii Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i think you should change your name o: 
because the name is kinda misleading if this group isnt about a fetish.
draconan95 Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Not sure what else to call it tbh. Originally it was intended for a fetish but then it evolved into more a group where people came to us for all sorts of reasons. The name is outdated but it's sort of a legacy thing that people know us for ya know?
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Nidrax Featured By Owner Edited May 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was me, dud, doing the regular research of art to be added :v
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